Mad Chad iPhone review

Mad Chad iPhone reviewIs there any greater feeling than discovering a hidden gem amid the pile of crap available from the App Store? Well, dozens of greater feelings, actually, but it’s a pleasant one nonetheless.

I just fancied throwing you off with that opening paragraph; Mad Chad isn’t exactly a hidden gem as such, but it’s not entirely rubbish either. Allow me to explain.

The intro sequence shows Chad return home to discover that his beloved pigeon has been stolen. “I got yo bird!!” explains a note left by the thief. Chad is understandably mad, and now we understand why the game is so called.

Rather than contact the authorities, Chad decides to go down the vigilante route and sets off in pursuit of the thief himself. As you might expect, the villain gets around on some sort of hoverboard. Fortunately for our protagonist, Chad has a jetpack.

Alas, the action takes place firmly on the ground. The baddie occasionally sets down at various locations around the world, and Chad must run after him, dodging enemies and obstacles along the way.

There are 20 stages in all, but the idea is the same throughout. Essentially there are obstacles you have to jump (and sometimes double jump) over, others you can slide under, and enemies that demand a quick tapping – so to speak – in order to eliminate them.

My main gripe is that your right thumb inevitably ends up poised over the middle of the screen, ready to take out enemies approaching from the right. Resultantly, half of the screen is permanently obscured.

Also, there’s not a great deal of variety. The levels are vibrant enough, and the enemies and hazards are location-specific (such as American football players, Australian sharks and hippies in San Francisco), but it’s all much of a muchness. Jump, slide, tap; that’s your lot.

Still, there’s far worse on the App Store, and Mad Chad is fun as a test of reaction. The soundtrack is worth a mention too. There are custom tunes from “Miami’s best” (I’ll have to take your word on that one, Rock Software), DJ Irie.


  • Varied locations and enemies
  • Looks good
  • Decent soundtrack


  • Jump, slide, tap
  • Jump, slide, tap
  • Jump, slide, tap

Summary: Not a whole lot going on here, but Mad Chad is free, so worth a look if you find yourself at a loose end.

Developer: Rock Software

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: Free @ App Store

Mad Chad iPhone review

Mad Chad iPhone review

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