Mains charger for iPad, iPhone, iPod and iTouch, £1.99 delivered @ 7dayshop

Mains charger for iPad, iPhone, iPod and iTouch, £1.99 delivered @ 7dayshop[Better safe than sorry, kids. Or live life on the edge, whatever @ 7dayshop]

What would you do if your charger for your iThingy broke? You’d cry like a girl, wouldn’t you? Which is exactly why you might be interested in this little doozy from 7dayshop. For £1.99, you can net a mains charger for your iPad, iPhone, iPod and/or iTouch.

The charger works with all iDevices, including every generation of iPod and iTouch.

Product comes with 7dayshop’s usual 30-day guarantee. If you’re not “101% delighted” you can get yo' moolah back. 7dayshop reckons the UK RRP is £9.99 – that’s a saving of £8.

Price includes delivery.

(Thanks to a6unx on HUKD)

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Andy247  Jan. 31, 2011 at 16:51

Excellent price. Does anyone know if the EU ruling on Micro USB chargers for mobiles will affect the iPhone at any stage?


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