Major Microsoft restructure to bring Windows and Windows Phone closer together?

Major Microsoft restructure to bring Windows and Windows Phone closer together?For better or worse, it’s been 13 long years since Steve “Big Baldy” Ballmer took the Microsoft CEO reins from Billy “The Kid” Gates.

Insiders are predicting company-wide changes at M$, with Ballmer tipped to enforce some major restructuring.

Specifically, we’re told to expect a new structure encompassing four separate divisions, namely enterprise business, hardware, applications and services, and – finally – an operating systems group.

The latter will quite possibly be headed by Terry Myerson of Windows Phone fame, and Julie Larson-Green of Windows engineering.

“Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans” tell The Verge that we’ll see a “significant focus” on “further aligning” Windows and Windows Phone.

Super-nerds might be aware of shared kernel action, but from a general consumer point of view, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are still very much separate entities, with their own app stores.

In the world of iOS and Android, meanwhile, smartphones and tablets essentially run the same OS, and support apps from the same marketplaces.

Expect to learn more about the M$ restructure at Microsoft Build, which gets underway on Wednesday. Other possible attendees include an 8in Microsoft Surface tablet and the long-awaited Microsoft Surface smartphone. Maybe.

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