Major overhaul with BlackBerry OS 6.1

Major overhaul with BlackBerry OS 6.1RIM has suggested that BlackBerry OS 6.1 will be a “major upgrade” and more of an “overhaul” than a minor incremental update. Exciting. Er, especially if you own a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry OS 6 debuted on the BlackBerry Torch 9800 last August. It didn’t exactly have Android and iOS quaking in their respective boots, but BlackBerry 6.1 sounds like it’ll be significantly sexier.

We already know 6.1 will introduce Wi-Fi hotspot goodness, allowing you to connect up to five devices to your BlackBerry and in turn access the internet through its data connection.

Research suggests that it’s BlackBerry Messenger what keeps the kids interested in RIM's goodies, not the OS, but it’ll still be interesting to see what else 6.1 brings. BlackBerry World in May is a safe bet for finding out more info.

Meanwhile, the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook is juuust visible on the horizon. We’re expecting it in June. At best it’ll be a cheap alternative to the iPad 2; at worst it’ll be “dead on arrival”.

via: Engadget

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