Major security concerns over BlackBerry PlayBook

Major security concerns over BlackBerry PlayBookAnd there we were thinking we'd get through a week without any bad press for RIM. Alas, no.

An independent study into the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's security credentials has flagged up some pretty serious shortcomings, calling into question its suitability for the corporate environment.

A report [PDF] by NGS Secure reveals that the security analyst firm has found a number of issues with the PlayBook, ranging from unintended access to the tablet's file system, vulnerabilities when it comes to a certain third-party web server and issues with the HDMI video interface.

However, the biggest problem that is raising NGS Secure's levels of concern is that some PlayBook functions have yet to appear, including native email support, a calendar and a contacts app. That means it's simply not possible to tell how secure the PlayBook actually is, which in itself is a security red flag.

“If businesses are to take IT security as seriously as they should be, it is difficult for them to decide whether this technology is mature enough yet to be adopted in the enterprise,” said NGS Secure's Andy Davis.

RIM has been made aware of the security flaws and says it is working to address them.

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mobot21  Aug. 13, 2011 at 13:08

So in a release about the general advisability of thinking seriously about the adoption of tablets in general, a release that finishes with:

This report follows the research conducted by iSEC Partners, an NCC Group company based in the US. These investigations found Apple’s OS to be lagging behind that of its competitors and, whilst Apple’s security proved more robust against the initial stages of an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack, once a hacker has gained access to a network, Apple’s server protocols make it easier to roam around the network, increasing their level of authorised access and leaving user’s exposed to greater potential risk.

You picked up on a playbook hit? (_;)

nehmeg  Aug. 14, 2011 at 06:56

I have read the report you're referring to and they actually gave the Playbook a passing mark. The couple of issues they mentioned are very minor and didn't even qualify to be a security risk. Why not mention that the Playbook has been approved by the US and the Australian government while you're iJunk is still waiting approval which will of course never happen!

jimbalsillie  Aug. 17, 2011 at 19:06

@nehmeg poor RIM fanboy always has to resort to name calling... baby want his bottle?


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