Malicious clones removed from Android Market

Malicious clones removed from Android MarketMalicious developer Logastrod has launched a dastardly attack on the Android gaming community, releasing a host of cloned apps that ultimately sent premium rate text messages.

The apps were available for just over 24 hours before Google removed them, and an estimated 10,000 users fell for the rouse. To be fair, it's thought that the silly Billys had to give the apps permission to send texts. Oops.

Writing on its Naked Security blog, Sophos explains: “Misusing premium SMS services is the most common model for malicious mobile malware. When a malicious app is installed, it starts sending or receiving messages, which makes the installation very expensive for the user.

"The damage is often seen only when it is too late, once a monthly bill is received.”

The full list of cloned games follows:

  • Cut the Rope FREE
  • Assassin’s Creed® Revelations
  • Where's My Water? FREE
  • Riptide GP FREE
  • Great Little War Game FREE
  • World of Goo FREE
  • Angry Birds FREE
  • Shoot The Birds FREE
  • Talking Tom Cat 2 Free
  • Bag It! FREE
  • Talking Larry the Bird Free
  • Talking Larry the Bird

Sophos continues: “We have already stated several times that the requirements for becoming an Android developer that can publish apps to the Android market are far too relaxed. The cost of becoming a developer and being banned by Google is much lower than the money that can be earned by publishing malicious apps.

“The attacks on Android Market will continue as long as the developer requirements stay too relaxed.”

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Stelph  Dec. 16, 2011 at 11:07

On a side note can we have a pirate outfit as an option for our mobots? :)


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