Mango rollout going rather well, thankyouverymuch

Mango rollout going rather well, thankyouverymuchHey, what’s going on? A story that doesn’t concern the iPhone 4S? Er, I realise I’ve just mentioned the iPhone 4S. Let’s move on quickly.

Microsoft started rolling out the Mango update a week past yesterday, and an update on the Windows Phone Blog suggests it’s going rather swimmingly.

Eric Hautala, General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering, explains that within six hours Mango had appeared in every country on every carrier. Nice work, dudes.

Indeed, things are going so well that Microsoft has cranked the Mango lever up a notch, a tad sooner than expected. Eric says: “We’ve decided to open the spigot ahead of schedule, and make Windows Phone 7.5 available to 50 percent of eligible customers starting right now.”

Of course, cranking the lever to 100% at this stage is still out of the question, lest they face a Mango meltdown.

Eric goes on to explain how random selection can tear Windows Phone 7 families apart: “Random sampling is an important engineering technique to accurately measure quality and pinpoint issues early. In some cases, this can have interesting consequences: A family, for example, can have identical Windows Phones, yet only one phone might get an update notification.”

Having a gander on forums and the like, it seems that some WP7 peeps are having problems with the update, such as European Samsung Omnia 7 owners.

Ah well, mostly good news, eh?

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