Mango-running LG Optimus 7 leaked

Mango-running LG Optimus 7 leakedA leaked XML file from South Korean manufacturer LG points to an ever-so-slightly updated version of the LG Optimus 7, which was of course a Windows Phone 7 launch device last October.

Earlier this week we heard that Samsung is toying with all-new Mango-running hardware, and LG appears to be thinking the same.

The telltale sign in the XML file is the mention of IE9, a key feature in Mango. The current LG Optimus 7 uses IE7.

However, this new Mango-running phone, with model number E906, doesn’t appear to be hugely different from the existing LG Optimus 7, which carries the model number E900. Indeed, it’s likely that it’ll simply be a Mango-running LG Optimus 7 as opposed to an all-new device.

Samsung, meanwhile, is thought to be contemplating something entirely new. While its Samsung Omnia 7 is essentially the Samsung Galaxy S of the Windows Phone 7 world, its Mangofied phone is expected – or perhaps more accurately hoped – to be more akin to the Samsung Galaxy S II.

via: Pocketnow

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Reser  Jul. 7, 2011 at 15:33

I was half expecting to see a Mango running an LG operating system, Sounds like Windows 7 is copying google with the utterly random naming policy of their different versions.


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