Manufacturing flaw forces Sony to recall 'waterproof' Xperia Tablet S

Manufacturing flaw forces Sony to recall 'waterproof' Xperia Tablet SSony has been forced to halt sales of its new Xperia Tablet S just a month after its release after discovering a build quality issue that could leave the slate vulnerable to water damage.

The Android-powered tablet is billed as water-proof, but it seems a manufacturing flaw at the Chinese plant where it's made has resulted in a gap between the screen and case that could let in moisture.

According to Reuters, Sony has so far shipped (pardon the pun) some 100,000 Xperia Tablet S units – though as always, shipped doesn't mean sold, and we'd cautiously suggest that in this case there's probably quite a difference between the two.

But at least until now there's been the possibility of it selling, even if the reality has proved elusive. Sony says it will fix any tablets that have been sold, while retail stock will be recalled to address the issue.

It says the move shouldn't have a significant impact on earnings, but hasn't made it clear when it expects sales to resume.

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Pondlife  Oct. 5, 2012 at 20:14

Didn't know it was supposed to be waterproof


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