Mark Zuckerberg: dozens of Facebook phones this year (from MWC 2011)

Mark Zuckerberg: dozens of Facebook phones this year (from MWC 2011)Speaking via pre-recorded video at Mobile World Congress, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tells us we can expect to see “dozens of phones with much deeper social intergration” in 2011.

The video was shown at HTC’s conference earlier this morning. Zuckerberg explains: “Phones are inherently social devices, and the industry is just beginning to discover what’s possible.”

Among others, HTC announced the social networking-oriented Salsa and ChaCha. While they’re not specifically branded as Facebook phones, they do have dedicated Facebook buttons.

Zuckerberg added: “We’re happy with the direction HTC has taken, and look forward to a lot more to come.”

Just a few days ago, INQ announced its own Facebook-loving handsets, in the Cloud Touch and Cloud Q. Again, there’s no Facebook branding as such, but rather than launch a separate app for your social networking needs, it’s all right there on your homescreen.

In terms of specs, both pairs – HTC’s Salsa and ChaCha, and INQ’s Cloud Touch and Cloud Q – are decidedly at the lower end. We expect that’ll be the trend with these social networking type phones.

No news of any Bebo or Myspace branded handsets yet (*guffaw*).

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