Is there a market for a 23in tablet? Lenovo certainly thinks so

Is there a market for a 23in tablet? Lenovo certainly thinks soFancy getting your hands on a shiny new tablet? You're no doubt mulling over whether to opt for the portability of a 7in slate or the added real estate of a 10in model.

However, Lenovo has stepped in with an entirely different proposition: it's reportedly working on a tablet measuring a whopping 23in across, which – as you can no doubt guess – isn't really intended to be carted around with you.

The tablet market may only have been around in earnest for a year or so, but in that time it has nonetheless defined itself pretty clearly when it comes to screen size. But never mind ignoring that blueprint; Lenovo has crumpled it up and set fire to it with its own take on the genre.

It's planning on releasing a 23in slate at some point this year, and reckons there could be a real niche market for such a device.

“We think that there is potential for a 23-inch tablet,” a company spokesperson told TechRadar. “It's obviously not for full mobility use, but it could be moved from room to room in the house and used with a full keyboard, or as a television. Or you could lay it on a table top and use it for family games.”

Lenovo claims it could have the gargantuan slab on the market by the end of the year, though it's still wrestling with a number of issues related to that massive screen size. “We'd have to take care of battery life and we are working to get the weight down,” the spokesperson revealed.

We'd add convincing the public that the idea isn't completely bonkers to that list too.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 13, 2011 at 12:48

I think this is a valid idea. There are 7'' tabs without 3G - now, THAT to me is daft.
There arenquite a few people who do notnwork on their laptop or pc.... Except for entering a url or renaming a song they hardly need a keyboard most of the time...
Well, I reserve the right to change my opinion on this. I was out of coffee this morning.


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