Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange iOS review

Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange iOS review

I have to confess: I’m not overly familiar with Stephen Strange, former neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme, but checking out his very own pinball table in Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange was a good excuse to do a little research. Y’know, for “work” purposes. Ahem.

Turns out there’s a Doctor Strange movie in the proverbial pipeline (he was namedropped in Captain America: Winter Soldier), with Johnny Depp one of several names linked with the starring role. What better time, then, to familiarise yourself with the good Doctor?

A little background first: Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon, and a bit of a money-hungry douche bag – truth be told, until a car accident caused massive damage to his valuable hands.

On a quest to repair his scalpel wielders, Strange eventually stumbled across the Ancient One, who saw the good in Steve when he thwarted Baron Mordo’s assassination attempt. Funny how someone saving your life can change your opinion of them.

The Ancient One subsequently educated Strange in the mystic arts, and ultimately Steve-o became the Sorcerer Supreme, with his job profile simply asking that he protect Earth from threats of a magical/mystical nature. Phew.

All’s well that ends well, eh? But what about Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange? Any good? Of course it is!

Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange iOS review

Doctor Strange is one of several tables available through the Marvel Pinball app, which is initially 69p to download (with Marvel’s The Avengers table), with additional tables costing £1.49. Warning: YOU WILL WANT TO DOWNLOAD THEM ALL.

Alternatively, you can grab Zen Pinball for free, with Doctor Strange (and countless others) costing £1.49.

Anyway, yes, Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange was surprisingly enjoyable, as again I had little prior knowledge of the titular chap. However, Doctor Strange aficionados might be aroused to hear that some of the voiceover lines and situations were ripped straight from the comics.

How about Dormammu, Lord of Chaos, taking over Doctor Strange’s body? In Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange, you got it! Ditto some scrapping with Nightmare; Eye of Agamotto-based ball whacking; and appearances from the beautiful Clea, Strange’s trusty servant Wong, and Shuma-Gorath, a big octopuss type thing that I recognised from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

But again, don’t worry if all that sounds like complete and utter nonsense to you, as there’s plenty of good old fashioned pinball fun to be had regardless, including ramps and multi-ball and secret areas.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I suddenly feel compelled to go read 50 years’ of Doctor Strange comics.


  • Several Doctor Strange characters
  • Suitably hammy voice work
  • Yet more solid Zen Pinball pinball action


  • Uhm, who is Doctor Strange? (see above)
  • It’s not the craziest table we’ve played
  • The randomness of pinball

Summary: Doctor Strange is a worthy addition to the Zen/Marvel Pinball franchise, and warmly welcoming to Strange noobs and aficionados alike.

Developer: Zen Studios

Price: £1.49 through Zen Pinball (free @ App Store, free @ Google Play)

£1.49 through Marvel Pinball (69p @ App Store, 69p @ Google Play)

Requires: iOS 5.0 or later, Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 or above

Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange iOS review

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satchef1  Apr. 29, 2014 at 10:12

Johnny Depp? Urgh.

I'm hoping the John Hamm rumour turns out to be true. With Mad Men wrapping up he'll be looking for work, he'll be massively cheaper than Johnny Depp and he's less likely to ruin the movie. TBH I think cinema goers are growing weary of Johnny Depp. He dominates every role he's cast in to, and essentially plays them all the same way. His performance is largely credited as one of the reasons why The Lone Ranger was awful.


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