Marvel Run Jump Smash iOS review

Marvel Run Jump Smash iOS review

Endless runners: good. Marvel games: mostly pretty good. Alas, sometimes one plus one does not equal two.

Against my better judgement, I decided to ignore the countless negative Marvel Run Jump Smash user reviews on the App Store, and consequently I find myself 69p worse off and hugely disappointed. But hey, at least I have a ton of stuff to write about.

Uncannily, I mused the other week, somewhere in my NBA Rush review, that I liked the idea of an endless runner with a tag system, and characters with unique game-changing attributes.

On paper, Marvel Run Jump Smash was the answer to my prayers, and with Marvel superheroes to boot. Alas, it emphatically failed to live up to my admittedly lofty expectations.

How does it work? Marvel Run Jump Smash is a left-to-right endless runner, and you have two - ultimately identical - base characters, namely S.H.I.E.L.D agents Nick Fury, looking very much like Samuel L Jackson, and Maria Hill, who was played by the hot chick from How I Met Your Mother in Avengers Assemble.

Both of those simply run and jump and shoot, but scattered around the playing area are little tokens that summon various members of the Avengers for a limited time, including – by default – Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk.

Marvel Run Jump Smash iOS review

Even now I’m thinking, ‘That sounds bloody brilliant!’ How then, does Marvel Run Jump Smash manage to disappoint so thoroughly?

Well, for starters, the superheroes are largely uninspiring. Iron Man’s controls, for example, recall Jetpack Joyride – but without the charm. Worse still, I can’t figure out what the hell is going on with Black Widow and her jumps. She feels so… sticky. And no, that’s nothing to do with my Scarlett Johansson obsession.

There’s also the currency system, which is utterly baffling. You collect coins during each run, and for some reason your total is divided by 10 and converted into gold. Why?

And let’s say you collect 4,000 coins/400 gold on a good run (even that’s incredibly optimistic), you’re looking at 250 runs to unlock Spider-Man. In a game that charges 69p up front. Astounding.

Marvel Run Jump Smash isn’t particularly bad as such. It’s just not good. Everything feels a bit underwhelming, from the heroes to the power-ups to the backgrounds, when the marriage of Marvel and endless running should’ve been a no-brainer. I has a sadz.


  • Decent roster of Marvel characters
  • I like the tag system concept
  • It’s, uhm, only 69p, I guess?


  • The currency is baffling
  • Saving for Spidey would take forever
  • All told, it’s just not very good

Summary: Marvel Run Jump Smash is a disappointingly bland affair. There are better Marvel games out there, and better endless runners, and as such it’s nigh on impossible to recommend.

Developer: Marvel Entertainment

Price: 69p @ App Store, 60p @ Google Play

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Marvel Run Jump Smash iOS review

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