Juicy Symbian update coming in autumn 2011

Juicy Symbian update coming in autumn 2011With iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS kicking butt in Europe and North America, it’s easy to forget that Symbian is still, in fact, the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Or maybe I’m just living in a westernised bubble. Colonel Who-daffi?

Woah, I’ve gone off on a Jan-style political tangent. Where was I? Ahh yes, Symbian is still very much alive.

Indeed, Nokia has vowed to stick by its current wife while it negotiates moving its stuff into Windows Phone 7’s house, but that might take a while (more on that later).

In the meantime, the Dutch product manager of Nokia Benelux has promised a substantial Symbian^3 update later in the year. An official Nokia slide promises this stuff:

  • New flexible widgets
  • Thin pull-down Statusbar (Android-style)
  • New iconography
  • Simplified Navbar (with home and search buttons)

Needless to say, I added the junk in brackets.

The update will also address menu navigation, making it more intuitive. No longer will it take three days (ok, slight exaggeration) to find what you’re looking for.

News of the update comes courtesy of All About Phones. By all means check out the article, though it won’t make much sense unless you speaken ze Dutch.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 13, 2011 at 10:31

Though I look nothing like a tangent, I'm fairly pleased to have one named after me :D
I don't think the security woes will hurt Android. In that, and some other respect Android is well on the way to becoming the new Windows! Faux competiton with Apple? Tick. Presence on a wide range of harware, including some devices that really lack the resources? Tick.
All we need now are "Honeycomb Ready" stickers like the Vista-ready stickers on laptops with 256MB RAM of the past :p

I'll be in trouble now, won't I?
To stay with the analogy: I liked to use Vista for certain tasks, but I had a dual-boot setup - no way would I go online with desktop Windows; for that I use Linux :p
Dito, I like an awful lot about Android and from launch until recently I always had an Android phone around. But for the 'serious' stuff I use a real phone.
And if you're staring at the next pigeonhole: I've hugely enjoyed a range of winmo phones, and I have owned all iPhones except for the 1st one... I'm like a teflon tangent - your fanboy labels won't stick :p


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