Maximise iPhone battery life

How can I maximise my iPhone battery life?

I've turned the brightness down, disabled auto updates, turned off Location Services... Anything else I can do?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 19, 2014 at 14:37

I guess you have taken care of some of the best things to maximize your iPhone's battery life. In addition you can:

Kill iCloud backup... or keep it to a minimum - contacts and messages only, for example.
Instead back up via USB/iTunes regularly...
Set email sync to manual. Or once per hour...

If/when you use the camera a lot, disable HDR or set it to manual. HDR takes 2 or 3 pics every time you hit the camera button. It then combines those pics into 1. It isn't always necessary, and sometimes setting the focus point manually by tapping on the relevant spot on the screen works as well...
In Settings => General => Accessibility enable "Reduce Motion".

Also in "Accessibility", and this is very effective: enable Greyscale... That turns the display to black and white (and grey...). It really reduces battery consumption a LOT! Not always suitable,
but most of the time it is perfectly fine. I set it up in such a way that I triple tap the home button to toggle Greyscale mode. That way I don't need to go through Settings every time.

If you surf the web a lot, consider a browser like Opera Mini instead of Safari. Opera Mini compresses web pages on its servers and sends a rerendered version of websites to your device. It can reduce data traffic by up to 90%. Less data use, less battery use.

Something less obvious: don't store unnecessary things on your device.
Every file, photo, contact, track etc etc gets indexed by Spotlight Search and by other under-the-hood services. See how fast you can scroll through 1,000s of photos in the gallery? That is because something constantly indexes and updates and works. It happens in the background, but it does use energy!
Dito: certain apps accumulate a truckload of data very fast. If the app doesn't allow you to delete said cache and garbage, it may pay to just delete and reinstall that app. Twitter for iOS is notorious in that regard. If you are very active on Twitter and a lot of photos grace your timeline, the Twitter app can amass a cache of 350MB in no time. And it's not possible to delete that rubbish. I uninstall Twitter every couple of days. Impact on the battery may not be huge, but 300-400MB of space used up for history?


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