MazeFinger Plus iPhone review

MazeFinger Plus iPhone reviewMazeFinger Plus is yet another title that featured in our Best free iPhone games series, but cried out for the full review treatment. Ask and ye shall receive, MazeFinger Plus. Ask and ye shall receive.

In MazeFinger Plus, you have to drag your finger from one side of a series of mazes to the other. To be fair, you probably already deduced that from the name.

The Plus in MazeFinger refers to its compatibility with Plus+, meaning you can play against friends, access leaderboards and earn awards. All good. Mostly.

Somewhat controversially, it’s absolutely mandatory to register for a Plus+ account before playing MazeFinger Plus. The game will simply not start without it. On the plus side (no pun intended), it takes just a few seconds to sign up (or sign in, if you’re already registered), and you don’t actually have to do anything with the account once you get going.

More importantly, is MazeFinger Plus actually any good? Well, yes. Pretty good, actually.

You have a set amount of time to get through each batch of mazes. It’s more about speed than accuracy. Things start off easy enough, but MazeFinger Plus soon introduces obstacles like little red blocks that’ll stop you dead in your tracks, wasting valuable seconds.

MazeFinger Plus looks great. There are two little electric thingies on either side of the screen representing your remaining time, and when you touch the screen, they send bolts of electricity towards your finger. It’s a great touch, and is accompanied by suitably satisfying sound effects.

The robot voice also deserves a special mention. He shouts stuff like “Weak”, “Great!” and “Awesome!” over the fast-paced action.

There’s lots for the solo player to do, with 1,000 mazes across 200 levels. It’s unlikely that you’ll persevere till the end, as it gets a bit samey after a while, but it’s still great fun for a bit.

The Challenge mode offers additional return value. You play across a set of 10 mazes with the aim of getting through as quick as possible. Your high score is recorded, and you can issue challenges to your friends via Plus+ (see? It ain’t so bad).


  • Looks great
  • Tons of mazes
  • Challenge mode


  • Mandatory Plus account
  • Bit samey after a while

Summary: MazeFinger Plus is fun, it looks and sounds great, and it’s free. Sure, it’s not the best game ever, but well worth checking out.

Developer: ngmoco

Compatiblity: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later.

Price: free! @ App Store

MazeFinger Plus iPhone review

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