Meeblings iOS review

Meeblings iOS reviewMeeblings is currently the #1 iPad app in the UK, as well as the #1 iOS app in Australia and New Zealand, so I figured I’d dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

I reckon the best way to sum up Meeblings is: Lemmings for the touchscreen generation. If you don’t know what Lemmings is, give yourself a punch in the face from me.

Meeblings plays out across 60 levels, and the aim in each is to get a specific amount of the little guys to safety. Simples, right?

There are eight different types of Meebling, and their powers can be unleashed with a simple tap. Among others, there’s the red Meebling who can burn through terrain, the brown chap who turns into an exit, and the green guy who grows into a tree.

However, the majority of the action is focused around the blue and yellow Meeblings, who push and pull respectively.

The obligatory in-game currency is Gemlings, with which you can unlock solutions, or – if you’re particularly lazy – skip levels. A word of warning, however: while you’ll quickly rack up Gemlings in the early levels, the last two worlds cost 40-odd Gemlings to unlock. Each.

Meeblings iOS review

Of course, you can fork out real money for Gemlings (£1.49 for a small pack, £6.99 for a large). Meanwhile, the Unlimited Solutions pack will set you back a whopping £17.49. Seriously, it’s not that hard.

There are occasional ads in Meeblings, too, with the usual 69p fee to remove ‘em. Fair enough; the app is free.

And that’s Meeblings in a nutshell.

Gripes? I’d like to see more Meeblings. As I said, there are only eight types, but one of those is the Feebling – who can’t do anything.

Oh, and the controls for the Chameebling (who can turn into any other Meebling type) are somewhat irksome.

And (last gripe), even on the iPad’s larger display, it’s all too easy to accidentally tap the wrong Meebling. Many a time I pushed the Meeblings away, when I meant to draw them in. Story of my life.

But those are all relatively minor gripes, in an otherwise excellent game. After the first few levels, you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of it before.


  • It’s free
  • 60 levels
  • Nice difficulty curve


  • Only eight Meeblings
  • The controls for the Chameebling
  • Easy to tap the wrong Meebling

Summary: Meeblings is Lemmings for the touchscreen generation. We want more!

Developer: Ninja Kiwi

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Meeblings iOS review

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Pondlife  Aug. 23, 2012 at 15:00

Spirits seems another option for those aiming for a Lemmings fix.


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