Is MeeGo the next to go in the big mobile reality check?

Is MeeGo the next to go in the big mobile reality check?2011 has certainly been a reality check for quite a few major mobile players. Nokia and RIM continue to struggle, Motorola's been sold off and webOS and Symbian seemingly approaching the end of their days.

So we probably should't be too surprised to hear that Intel's MeeGo brainchild is potentially in trouble too, with reports emerging that the silicon giant has “temporarily ended” development on the platform.

MeeGo is many things to many people, but to most consumers it's the smartphone platform abandoned by co-creator Nokia so it can go off and build Windows Phones itself.

Opinion remains divided on the move, especially since Nokia went on to (finally) release its MeeGo poster boy the N9 to the best reception any piece of Nokia hardware's had for a long, long time.

Still, Intel's kept the MeeGo flame burning despite Nokia's cold shoulder, but now DigiTimes is reporting that Intel has decided to “temporarily discontinue development of its MeeGo OS due to a lack of enthusiasm for the platform from handset and tablet PC vendors”.

There isn't any kind of source given in the report, and DigiTimes says Intel has rolled out the usual “we don't comment on industry rumour and speculation” line.

But even in the lack of any compelling evidence, it would hardly be a surprise in the current climate if Intel's struggling to find hardware partners willing to jump into bed with a new (to consumers) platform.

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