New MeeGo boss promises Nokia N950 will have 'unique appeal'

New MeeGo boss promises Nokia N950 will have 'unique appeal'Nokia may be buddying up to Windows Phone 7 these days, but as with most such things, the split from previous smartphone platform of choice MeeGo isn't entirely a clean one, and we've recently learned that one of the orphans from that previous union will be the MeeGo-powered Nokia N950.

But MeeGo is still very much alive, albeit without Nokia, and has a new boss too, and promises the N950 will have plenty going for it when it appears later this year.

MeeGo is now under the command of the former head of the Qt programming environment Sebastian Nyström, and replaces Alberto Torres, who stepped down amid the Nokia-Microsoft coming-together.

And of course the N950 is also a replacement of sorts, with the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 reportedly having been lined up to appear at Mobile World Congress last month, only to be yanked itself in the wake of Nokia's big move.

So we're left with Nyström and the N950, and not surprisingly one is talking the other up. The new MeeGo head honcho says about the N950: “we believe our upcoming device will have unique appeal to the style-conscious, connected enthusiast.”

This follows Nokia CTO Rich Green’s comments to developers last month that “there’s a lot of work that’s gone into the technology, there’s a lot of really interesting user interface and platform design work, some very elegant hardware.”

We don't know too much more, and have no firm idea when the N950 will be appearing. But we've said it before and we'll no doubt say it again: there's still a lot of love in and around Nokia for MeeGo, even if the bean-counters are putting their faith elsewhere.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 9, 2011 at 12:14

No doubt. I tried an earlier Meego built on an Acer Aspire and on the N900, and even though 'incomplete' it showed potential for kicking OS-ass

Stelph  Mar. 10, 2011 at 13:58

Despite the setbacks im still keeping an eye on Meego, as JanSt says it has a lot of potential (more linux on a mobile device, yes please!) so im hoping that the N950 is the hardware brute that the N9 was shaping up to be to give the OS as much of a fighting chance as possible

mojaroar  Mar. 29, 2011 at 22:49

some of the specs i've heaqrd kicking around for the n950 are awson=me 1.25 ghz dual core processor, 12 mp camera, if it has over 32 gig on board memory and hdmi connection I'm having it..I currently run an n900 and i love it even though it's chunky, it's a brilliant pocket pc with a phone nailed on it.. the new n950 looks like it will be more 50/50 phone / pc experience.. if only they'd drop meego and windows and synbian 3 and go android.. they haven't properly developed the OS in nearly 2 years now.


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