MeeGo: the mobile industry's unwanted child

MeeGo: the mobile industry's unwanted childThe wheels have slowly started turning again for MeeGo after a quiet few months in the wake of Nokia's decision to abandon the platform back in February.

But that's through no fault of Nokia's, CEO Stephen Elop insists, as the company did everything it could to pass the MeeGo hardware baton to industry rivals, but no-one was interested.

It seems now that LG intends to pick up where Nokia left off with MeeGo to some extent, and will work with Intel and other involved partners to produce hardware built on the platform to appear later this year.

Yet Elop claims Nokia spoke to LG and several other mobile manufacturers months ago in an attempt to keep MeeGo on the move, but was rebuffed at every turn.

“We discussed MeeGo with HTC, RIM, Samsung, LG, and Motorola,” Elop claims. “One manufacturer was fairly interested in MeeGo and the others have their own plans, and they were not particularly interested in MeeGo. They were afraid that Nokia had too much power in MeeGo.”

That last point may well be the key here, as Nokia no doubt found itself in a no-win situation when talking about MeeGo prior to the Windows Phone announcement in February.

It wanted a new partner to take over on MeeGo because it knew it was shifting to another platform, but couldn't admit as much for fear of revealing its own plans prematurely, as well as painting MeeGo as a poisoned chalice.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 6, 2011 at 12:44

Shame - I saw quite some potential experimenting with early builts on my old Nokia N900 :(


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