Meet Grippity: world’s first transparent tablet

Meet Grippity: world’s first transparent tabletSamsung recently gave us a glimpse of a Minority Report-style future, with various technologies embracing flexible and/or transparent AMOLED displays.

Alas, we’ve yet to feel the warmth of such technology with our cold emotionless hands, but Grippity is looking to change all that with the world’s first transparent tablet.

The proposition is detailed in full over on Kickstarter, where Grippity aims to secure $199,000 in funding over the next 28 days. At the time of writing, we’re at $22,621…

The minimum pledge is $1, while up to 500 backers can throw in $159 for the “Early-bird special offer”, essentially netting a Grippity transparent tablet for cost price.

But what the hell is it? Well, the Grippity transparent tablet project is largely focused on input, with the aim of being efficient like a full physical keyboard, and also comfortable like a tablet.

Grippity co-founder, Jacob Eichbaum, explains: “When designing this product we knew that we must forget anything we know about input devices and controllers, and start to ask ourselves: What is the ultimate control device?”

The answer? The Grippity tablet of course, with a transparent display welcoming rear input, PS Vita style. As such, you're not limited to typing slowly with two thumbs.

The guys further explain that touching displays from above isn’t always ideal, as you inevitably obscure the very pixels you’re trying to tap. Touching from the rear, on the other hand, allows pinpoint accuracy.

Hopefully we'll have good crowdfunding-related news in 28 days' time. In the meantime, check out this Grippity transparent tablet video.

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