Meet Lady Blanche, Gresso's $30k iPhone 4

Meet Lady Blanche, Gresso's k iPhone 4There's nothing to get the tech press' attention better than sticking some gems and diamonds on an everyday gadget, throwing in some unnecessary extras made out of rare and exotic materials and giving it a stupidly expensive price tag.

But let's face it: take a look at this $30,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 from Gresso. You would, wouldn't you?

That said, 30 grand or not there's no call for giving any piece of kit the name Lady Blanche, even when she's as fetching as this limited edition Jobsian Wonder.

All your diamonds, crystals and the like are present and correct, but Gresso has really pushed the boat out by placing three independently timed Swiss clocks around the back, which are set on New York, Paris and Moscow time. Obviously.

The whole kaboodle is hand-made, though we're not told exactly by who.

Whoever it is, they're hard at work to make sure Lady Blanche is able to keep Gresso's promise of a 2011 release date. Gives you a chance to start saving up, at least.

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