The next megapixel milestone: Sony's 17.7MP sensor

The next megapixel milestone: Sony's 17.7MP sensor

We're certainly not the first to say it, but if Sony Ericsson does want to achieve its mobile goals – such as being the number one Android phone maker – it needs to make more of the Sony part of the relationship.

We've started seeing some welcome signs in the likes of the Xperia Play and Xperia Arc, with traditional Sony brands such as 'PlayStation' and 'Bravia' finally setting foot on mobile soil. Another of Sony's big strengths, of course, is cameras, and we've just had word of a brand new 17.7-megapixel mobile sensor in the works over in Japan.

The megapixel race has largely petered out in the camera world, but not so in smartphone land, where Sony's snappers are among the best around. But the new 17.7MP Exmor CMOS sensor we're hearing about courtesy of Nikkei over in Japan whips the f-stops off anything currently on the market.

For the pixels are just the start of the story. This tiny mobile-friendly sensor is able to convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously, which means it takes up to 75% less time to process an image than existing tech. The processing speed is pegged at 34.8Gbps – that's five times faster than previous Sony sensors.

On the video front, all that number-crunching comes together to give you the prospect of maximum-resolution video recording at an insane 120fps.

Of course, even your current Tegra 2 processors might not be up to the job, and you'd need a fairly mighty amount of storage on board too, but we imagine by the time this super-powered camera tech finds its way into actual handsets – and Sony is talking timelines at this stage – the rest of the spec will be man enough to handle it.

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