Meizu MX4 tops AnTuTu’s China-heavy Best Android Smartphones 2014 report

Meizu MX4 tops AnTuTu’s China-heavy Best Android Smartphones 2014 reportChinese smartphone manufacturers continue their inexorable rise, but it’s not all about low- and mid-range phones with wallet-friendly price tags.

Indeed, at the high end, Chinese manufacturers account for no less than 5 - arguably 6 - of the 10 phones in AnTuTu’s Best Android Smartphones 2014, with the Meizu MX4 right at the top.

The Meizu MX4 was launched back in September 2014, as the world’s first smartphone powered by MediaTek’s MT6595 octo-core processor.

And it’s largely thanks to that processor that the Meizu MX4 tops AnTuTu’s Best Android Smartphones 2014, one place ahead of the Google Nexus 6.

Meizu is joined by fellow Chinese manufacturers OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei and Nubia (ZTE). In fact, one might argue that the Google Nexus 6 is manufactured by Motorola, which is owned by China’s Lenovo, so that’s 6/10. Nice work, China.

The full Best Android Smartphones 2014 countdown according to AnTuTu reads:

  1. Meizu MX4
  2. Google Nexus 6
  3. Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  5. OnePlus One
  6. Xiaomi Mi4
  7. HTC One M8
  8. Huawei Mate 7
  9. Nubia Z7 Max
  10. Samsung Galaxy S5

AnTuTu explains: “[We] picked the top 10 smarthphones for you, according the testing items (CPU, GPU, UX, ROM and etc.) of AnTuTu benchmark V5.0 and above. This ranking report is based on device testing data submitted by AnTuTu benchmark users, covering more than 160 countries.”

via: AnTuTu

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