Metal Samsung Galaxy F to launch alongside Samsung Galaxy S5?

Metal Samsung Galaxy F to launch alongside Samsung Galaxy S5?Samsung released a record-breaking 3,619 smartphone models in 2013 (slight exaggeration), and it’ll likely continue in that vein throughout 2014.

Indeed, we’re told that the imminent Samsung Galaxy S5 will be joined at launch by the first in the Samsung Galaxy F series, a smartphone likely to rock a super-sexy metal case.

The notion of a metal Samsung Galaxy S5 has been kicking around for almost a year now. See, the HTC One garnered tons of praise for its aluminium bod and premium feel, while the industry collectively shrugged at the Samsung Galaxy S4’s same-old plastic.

More recently, there have been suggestions that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be flexible in some capacity, whether it’s balls-out flexible or simply more durable. In either case, that doesn’t exactly gel with the notion of metal casing.

Enter: the Samsung Galaxy F. It was first rumoured back in September, as the third Samsung flagship prong alongside the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note seriesiesies.

Other than the promise of metal, we’re still none the wiser about Samsung Galaxy F specs, though it’s expected to be at the high-end, which probably means a 1080p resolution (at least), quad-core or octo-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a camera in the 13MP region.

Rumours suggest the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch has been brought forward on account of lower-than-expected Samsung Galaxy S4 sales, so things should become a whole lot clearer over the next couple of months.

via: ETNews (Korean)

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mrew42  Jan. 2, 2014 at 14:59

I bet someone overheard someone else who can't pronounce their S's properly.......


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