Microsoft aims to lure Android and iOS peeps with HTML5 WP7 demo

Microsoft aims to lure Android and iOS peeps with HTML5 WP7 demoEr, I think I’ve pretty much summed everything up with that rather lengthy headline, but I reiterate: Microsoft has created an HTML5-based Windows Phone 7 demo with the express purpose of tempting Android and iOS users to make the jump.

The demo can be accessed through one’s browser, and allows smartphone chaps to sample a taste of Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI.

Of course, the demo doesn’t give the user full access to Windows Phone 7’s functionality. Instead, a blue dot guides the user around various features.

There’s a little mini demo for each of the tiles, so that’s Phone, People, Messaging, Outlook, Calendar, Family, Local Scout and Pictures. In Family, for example, we learn how to send a group text.

It’s a pretty cool idea, no doubt. You can check out it by going to in your Android or iOS browser.

Windows Phone 7 has yet to make the impact Microsoft had hoped, and all eyes are on Nokia to turn things around. At present, Windows Phone 7 is being outsold by Samsung’s dark horse, bada.

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equ  Jun. 6, 2012 at 13:16

I assume its just a poorly designed web demo. That interface is terrible.

Though I can see if all you do is Facebook on your phone and little else it might be tempting.


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