Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 'sneak peek' for June 20

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 'sneak peek' for June 20Thanks to Computex, Windows 8 has dominated our thoughts this week, with Asus and Acer the first of what should be many tablet makers to confirm their Win 8 intentions by showing off some Metro-tastic wares in Taipei.

And it looks like Microsoft has decided to make the most of the attention, as in the midst of it all it's chosen to publicise a “sneak peek” at Windows Phone 8 Apollo scheduled for a fortnight's time.

Invitations have been sent out to a “Windows Phone Summit” in San Francisco on June 20, promising a look “at the future of Windows Phone”.

The lack of any direct mention of the names “Windows Phone 8” or “Apollo” might be worth noting. It could simply be a not-so-sophisticated attempt at mystery – and an entirely pointless one: the future of Windows Phone is quite clearly the next version of the OS, which is Apollo.

However, there's also a chance (though there's no hard fact to suggest it's true) that Microsoft could be rethinking its WinPho naming strategy. I'm surely not the only one questioning the wisdom of Microsoft working on two entirely separate operating systems called Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, especially given how close together they'll be launching?

Either way, we'll be hoping to see something interesting. The pressure is now all on Microsoft to deliver. It's taken advantage of large amounts of goodwill in getting Windows Phone off the ground – more than most of us probably thought we had in us, if we're honest.

Now the developers are apparently on board, the app store is maturing, the hardware partners are there, and the big mistakes should now all have been made. With iOS 6 about to hit the headlines, and Android still powering along (despite an unexpected shortage of its latest dessert offering), it's time to put up or shut up.

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