Microsoft v Apple: the 'App Store' debate reaches the EU

Microsoft v Apple: the 'App Store' debate reaches the EUThe tussle between Apple and Microsoft over the former's attempts to trademark “App Store” – pedantic though it undoubtedly is – was never really going to fizzle out and disappear, was it?

Anything but, and in fact Microsoft actually seems to be warming to its task. It's decided to take its objections over the Atlantic to the European Union, and it's managed to get a few friends to join in this time.

The original legal wrangle in the US is still ongoing, of course, where Microsoft has opposed Apple's application for the term “App Store” to be labelled a proprietary title rather than a generic one.

But now Microsoft has decided to open a new front on the conflict and appeal Apple's EU trademarks for both “App Store” and “Appstore”, and has convinced HTC, Nokia and Sony Ericsson to act alongside it.

All four companies filed separate requests in Spain this week to invalidate the trademarks, and the decision could potentially be appealed all the way to the EU's top court in Luxembourg.

“Microsoft and other leading technology companies are seeking to invalidate Apple’s trademark registration for APP STORE and APPSTORE because we believe that they should not have been granted because they both lack distinctiveness,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Via Bloomberg

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