Microsoft Blue Windows update to extend to Windows Phone too?

Microsoft Blue Windows update to extend to Windows Phone too?It's no secret that Microsoft sees a future in which its Windows and Windows Phone software strands are closely interwoven – that's partly why Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 launched so close together.

The next step down that road, it seems, is to bring their software updates into line: rumours are growing that the “Blue” update being planned for Windows 8 later this year will in fact be a series of updates across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

ZDNet is quoting a trusted insider as saying the Blue update won't be your standard Windows service pack but will in fact be a wave of updates covering Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Server and the company's online services.

The updates will roll out at around the same time but not simultaneously, with the timeframe in question expected to be late summer or early autumn.

That marks a major change in how Microsoft updates Windows itself, bringing it more into line with the culture of annual refreshes we're used to in the mobile world.

For Windows Phone 8, meanwhile, the significance is the likelihood of closer integration with the rest of the Microsoft environment, and in essence means the Blue update is the next down the line after the recently released Portico.

As for what actual features may be included, ZDNet's source reckons we're looking at “tweaks to the user experience, new dev-platform related bits, as well as new versions of Internet Explorer, Mail, Calendar, Bing and other integrated apps”.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 8, 2013 at 22:20

For an OS synonymous with "blue screen of death" that is a gutsy nickname :p
Why not call it "AltCtrlDel"... and get OEMs to add a unified altctrdel button to the keyboard?


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