Microsoft 'bullish' about Windows Phone 7 success

Microsoft 'bullish' about Windows Phone 7 success

If Microsoft has any concerns about the success of the Windows Phone 7 platform since its launch last October, it’s doing a bloody good job of hiding it.

In a statement that has further confounded WP7 doubters already questioning whether the mobile OS had a viable future, Microsoft now says it’s "bullish about the foundation for long-term success".

Microsoft backed up its statement by dropping a few fact-bombs on Engadget:

  • According to "early research", 93% of Windows Phone 7 owners are "satisfied" and 90% would recommend the platform to others. However, no specific details about number of customers polled and what have you.
  • 100 new apps are appearing on the marketplace every day, with over 6,500 in total now available.
  • Over two million licences have been sold so far worldwide.

Two million is certainly a figure not entirely to be sneezed at. After all, the platform is only a few months old and the seven launch phones revealed on stage back in October haven't all been available for the full three months. And just recently, Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer commented that the figure was standing at a million and a half, so clearly momentum is building.

But let's not forget - two million licences doesn't mean two million sales, and we'll bet a good number of that two million are currently sat on the shelves waiting patiently for some love. To give the figure some more context, the iPhone 4 sold a ludicrous three million units in the month following its launch - and that's just one handset.

More WP7 facts and figures as we get them. It'll be a telling sign of how the mobile industry views Microsoft's platform to see just how many new Windows Phone 7 devices are announced at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

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