Microsoft in sudden Metro interface about-face

Microsoft in sudden Metro interface about-face

Here we go again. The Metro name has become a familiar part of Microsoft's Windows Phone terminology, and of course the tile-based interface is a central part of Windows 8 too.

But guess what – Microsoft now wants us all to stop talking about it, because the more established the Metro name gets, the greater the chance of Microsoft getting sued for continuing to use it.

Microsoft is saying it never actually intended for the name to stick beyond Windows Phone 7's development phase, and is now saying it plans a “transition from industry dialog to a broad consumer dialog”.

That would be fair enough were we still anywhere near that development phase, but considering Windows Phone 7 launched around two years ago no, it sounds more than a little suspect.

No surprise, then, that the likes of Ars Technica and The Verge are telling a different story, that prominent German retailer Metro AG is getting increasingly antsy with its name taking on an ever more Microsoft-tainted flavour, and is thinking of unleashing its lawyers over the matter.

Apparently Metro AG itself is saying the stories are nothing more than “market rumours”, which for us is pretty much cast-iron proof that precisely the opposite is true.

Should that be the case then obviously Microsoft will have to 'retire' the name, in which case it'll surely have to come up with a better story than this – not to mention another name, of course. Could be an interesting one to keep an eye on.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 3, 2012 at 10:34

Metro AG is a cash&carry type retailer... what on earth would make them bother with a UI?
Metro is a very generic term. I doubt they'd have a case, really.

dazza1011  Aug. 3, 2012 at 11:12

Hmm sounds like **** to me what about the newspaper and the metro transit system.
I smell Metro AG cheap advertising ploy


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