Microsoft demos spanking new Windows Store

Microsoft demos spanking new Windows StoreBeing admittedly geeky types, we’re quite looking forward to seeing what kind of impact Windows 8 makes on the tablet market next year. Windows 7 reeeaaally wasn’t developed with tablets in mind.

Microsoft recently held a preview event in good old San Francisco, where – among other things – it debuted the new Windows Store for Windows 8 apps.

Of course, it’s all about the Metro UI, as we’re quite used to seeing on Windows Phone 7 handsets. Y’know, Windows Phone 7? If you haven’t had a play around with it yet, check out the HTML5-based demo for Android and iOS peeps.

Anyway, back to the all-new Windows Store. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft was keen to big up the Bing action, which will reportedly make stuff easier to find. Always a good thing. The Windows Store will also support free previews.

As with Apple’s App Store, Microsoft will grab a 30% share of all purchases initially. That’ll drop to 20% when the app grosses $25,000.

Microsoft's Antoine Leblond says: "Some stores force you into a business model that's good for them, but we make it easy for you to innovate not only with your app but also with your business model.

"To that end, Microsoft will make it easy for developers to build features like in-app purchasing into their apps but won't have rules for or against doing so."

The Windows Store is expected to open in beta in February. You can follow the progress (in quite tremendous detail) at Microsoft’s new Windows Store blog.

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