Microsoft dishes the details on more Mango tweaks

Microsoft dishes the details on more Mango tweaksMicrosoft reckons there are in the region of 500 changes in the Windows Phone Mango update, and while a good number are probably minor changes you were never going to actively notice anyway, we're still sure there are a few interesting elements Microsoft hasn't told us about yet.

Such as a bunch of multimedia tweaks to the Music and Video Hubs, the details of which Microsoft has dished up in a new blog post.

To start with, Windows Phone's podcasting abilities have been seriously upgraded via a direct podcast option in the Music Hub itself that allows you to stream or subscribe to podcasts directly from the Music Hub, rather than having to go via a PC. Sadly, though, these features will be restricted to US users at first.

Marketplace searching is set for a usability boost with the introduction of auto suggestions, which will be neatly organised by content type (apps, games, music, podcasts, and so on).

The Music and Video Hubs have both had a tweak to their playback controls to make them more obvious, while your recent history is displayed in a vertical pane rather than a horizontal one, with the list growing from just eight items to a full 25.

Microsoft also makes mention of a new lock-screen and wallpaper options, while mini-playback options are slightly bigger too.

Tweaks to the Music Player itself include similarly boosted playback control sizes, better artist images, previews of the next song, a Repeat Once option, full-screen video toggling, and the ability to build playlists manually.

Microsoft's blog has more details, with all the new features – and of course plenty more – set to debut in the autumn Mango update to Windows Phone 7.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 6, 2011 at 10:07

What is the obsession with artist/cover images? Who looks at the phone screen while listening to music? :p
Those cover thumbnails clog up the photo gallery and take up memory space. I'd rather have simple, no nonsense controls, and an equaliser etc than cover art. If I wanna see who sings, I watch a video.

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 6, 2011 at 10:11

Oh, to the improvements: give us a file manager. Let us download whatever we want to download, attach to emails whatever we want to attach. Give us mass storage mode - I would never use a bloated program like Zune on my PC just to transfer a photo and two songs. Ridiculous.
In fact, until Mango is out and tested, I shan't read about wp7 anymore. :p


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