Why Microsoft ditched the Surface Mini: it wasn't good enough

Why Microsoft ditched the Surface Mini: it wasn't good enoughThe mobile industry's seemingly insatiable leak machine means there are very few real surprises these days when it comes to new hardware launching, but Microsoft not launching the Surface Mini tablet this week caught nearly everyone off guard.

So what happened? Did Microsoft change its plans at the last minute, or was the Surface Mini a myth all along? And if the plans were changed, why? So many questions...

Luckily for us, a mysterious insider, in fact, several insiders, have emerged from Redmond's murky depths to clear up the confusion – on the condition of complete anonymity, of course.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the sources claim the Surface Mini was indeed primed to appear at Microsoft's 'small gathering' on Tuesday, but senior management decided it didn't offer enough to stand out from its rivals, and so decided to can it.

The decision was reportedly a joint one between new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and back-from-Nokia VP Stephen Elop, and came after nearly a full year of development work between Microsoft and Qualcomm, whose processors were set to power the Windows RT-based Surface Mini.

In the end, the high-end Intel-powered Surface Pro 3 was the only new arrival on Tuesday, raising further doubts over the unloved Windows RT's future.

Nadella did little to clear up the conclusion in the wake of Tuesday's announcement, saying Microsoft is still working on smaller versions of the tablet , but refusing to go into details.

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