Microsoft giving ‘specific support’ to Nokia’s low-end assault

Microsoft giving ‘specific support’ to Nokia’s low-end assaultWith the arrival of Windows Phone Tango, Microsoft’s ailing OS can finally look to take a chunk out of the sub-£100 smartphone market.

In some sort of strategy call, Nokia has revealed that Microsoft has given “specific support” to the cheapness plan.

It’s also revealed that Nokia plans a fairly major strategy shake-up, including a range of Windows Phone-based handsets priced significantly cheaper than the Lumia 610.

At present, Windows Phone accounts for an estimated 2% of the smartphone market, and some analysts suggest that the key to success is not going head-to-head with Apple and Samsung at the high end, but taking on Android at the low end in emerging markets. Not a particularly exciting prospect, but it certainly makes sense.

In the UK, the Nokia Lumia 710 remains one of the best smartphone options around the £100 mark, but – confusingly – the Nokia Lumia 610 – which has lower specs – is often priced higher. What the fu…?

Ahh, Windows Phone. You’ll get there. One day.

via: Endadget

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