Microsoft guy: ‘there will be more’ from Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft guy: ‘there will be more’ from Windows Phone 7.8We’ve learned to take these kind of stories with a generous helping of salt. Remember the Microsoft guy who claimed Apollo would come to the existing Windows Phone range? Oops.

However, salt on tongue, we’re hearing - via the magic of semi-official twittering – that there are more features to be announced for Windows Phone 7.8.

A few weeks ago, at the Windows Phone Summit, we learned that the current range of Windows Phone handsets will definitely not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Instead, they’ll receive a watered down version in the form of Windows Phone 7.8.

Following the announcement, Windows Phone 7 developer @kazarindn hit up Microsoft guy Ben Lower via twitter, and Lower had this to say: “remember, the only thing we said today about Windows Phone 7.8 is new start screen. there will be more.”

On a similar note, responding to a question about Windows Phone 7.8 features at some conference or other, Senior Product Manager and WP team member, Larry Lieberman, said: “Maybe. We haven’t announced it yet.  All we’ve announced [for Windows Phone 7.8] is the new Start screen at this point. Sorry, nothing new to announce. You’re asking me stuff I can’t answer.”

Windows Phone 8 will introduce phones with loftier specs than the current range of single-core chaps, hence the lack of compatibility. Bad times.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 2, 2012 at 14:35

Nokia too made a statement when the Lumias came out, something like: if you think these are great, wait til you see Apollo... Just don't wait for it on those first Lumias.


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