Microsoft to launch web-based Marketplace for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft to launch web-based Marketplace for Windows Phone 7We're still digesting that large hunk of Mango that Microsoft tossed our way a couple of days ago, and now we've just been given something to wash it down with – the news that a web-based version of the app Marketplace will launch alongside it.

The browser-based store will allow you to browse for apps at your leisure, then transfer any that take your fancy to your Windows Phone over the air.

We're not altogether sure why Microsoft didn't say anything about the web-based Marketplace when announcing Mango, but either way it looks set to give the platform a significant boost.

The browser-based store will add a few new features not present on the Windows Phone store, too. You'll be able to use social networking to share apps with your friends, and your Marketplace account will keep a log of the apps you've downloaded so you can easily get up to full speed if switching phones.

Apps will install over the air using the regular Windows Phone notification system, which requires next to no input from the user, while SMS notifications or email are available as a fallback option.

Like the Mango update itself, the web-based Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 is expected to launch in the autumn.

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