Microsoft lining up biggest staff cuts in five years

Microsoft lining up biggest staff cuts in five years

A lot has been written about Microsoft's protracted takeover of Nokia, but surprisingly little of it has been about the surely necessary evil of job cuts.

Well expect that to change this week, as Microsoft is expected to announce its biggest job cuts in five years on the back of absorbing Nokia and its staff count into its ranks.

Bloomberg is quoting insiders in the know as having tipped it off to the likely staff cuts, though it doesn't offer any specifics in terms of either numbers or which specific parts of the business will be affected.

Back in 2009 Redmond announced it was letting 6000 staff go around the globe on the back of the economic downturn, but it has consolidated since then and with Nokia's numbers included in its ranks now has around 127,000 staff in total – almost as much as Google and Apple combined.

Some staff cuts are inevitable from the Nokia takeover, since the prospect of cutting overall costs through sharing resources is part of the appeal of such deals in the first place.

But it'll be interesting to see whether the cutbacks are all Nokia-related, or whether Microsoft is starting to count the cost of the broader Windows Phone platform's underperformance, not to mention the unloved Windows RT.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 15, 2014 at 18:23

Apparently, the Lumia 520 sold 12 million times to this day (or, well, whenever they crunched these latest figures). Bestselling WP device, and, as MS claim, "best selling device in its range"... Not sure what range that is. Sub-£100 WP devices? ;)

Here's the thing: I have publically swallowed my dislike of MS like so much humble pie. I have praised the stunning Lumia 1520 and the Lumia 630/35... But the reality is: MS/Nokia seem incapable of overcoming the app-problem. If Blackberry manage to successfully integrate the Amazon Android market come Q4, WP has officially the worst Appstore of all OSs. Ever.

And I'm not talking quantity but the much more important quality.
Now that WP has become quite the stunning efficient OS thanks to the 8.1 update, it's becoming ever so much more obvious just how poor 3rd party apps are. They stink - and I won't even go into the many fake apps that MS obviously has no problem with - iTunes and Opera for WP have been in the WP appstore for ages now.
I'm talking total staples such as Twitter, FB, Flickr, Tumblr etc etc etc... All are worse than 2 or 3 year old versions of their respective Android or iOS counterparts. Example: Twitter updated the WP version of its app this week. Before that? NOVEMBER 2013!!! You think that much time for a Twitter update - they sure worked hard to bring a good up-to-date app, right?!
WRONG. A 3 year old version of Gravity on a 7 year old Nokia S60 device is more pleasurable to use, and faster and less buggy and more feature rich. I wish I were making this app. Or up.
And going by past experience, Twitter won't bother with a 'fix' until, um, March 2015 give or take a year!
Other staples in the WP appstore still talk of the 'best experience on your new WP7 (!!!) device"...

I know 2 professional Nokia/WP blogger... they both, hush, hush... use Android devices for their Twitter life. They mostly use non-WP devices for anything involving photo-sharing. THAT with WP running Lumias being class-leading in terms of camera prowess...

'nuff said.


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