Microsoft Lumia 1330 shell leaks ahead of possible MWC launch

Microsoft Lumia 1330 shell leaks ahead of possible MWC launchWith Nokia now laid to rest (in name, at least), new Lumia phones will be released as Microsoft Lumias. The first was the Microsoft Lumia 535, and here we’re getting a preview of the second.

I speak of the Microsoft Lumia 1330, and its leaked shell suggests it’ll be a big old chap with a big old camera.

The Lumia 1330 leaks out of China courtesy of Baidu, with the Microsoft-branded blue shell housing – amusingly – a Lumia 535. Presumably that’s so we can get an idea of the size.

With the Microsoft Lumia 535 being a pretty significant 5in, that gives credence to the notion of the Lumia 1330 sitting firmly in phablet territory, somewhere around 5.7in.

Similarly, there’s a rather large hole for the Microsoft Lumia 1330’s rear camera, tipped to weigh in at 14MP (compared to 5MP on the Lumia 535).

Further rumoured Microsoft Lumia 1330 specs include a resolution of 720p, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, and of course Windows Phone. That all gels with the notion of Lumia 13XX phones serving as wallet-friendly alternatives to the beastly Lumia 15XXs.

The Microsoft Lumia 1330 launch is tipped for Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, which gets underway a little later this year: 2-5 March.

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