Microsoft: Mango software is good to go

Microsoft: Mango software is good to goMicrosoft says it has finished work on Windows Phone Mango ahead of schedule, and that it's now up to its hardware partners to get products running Mango onto the shelves.

The news comes via an official statement from a senior Microsoft exec on the continent, who's in predictably self-congratulatory mood in seeing Mango move one step closer to seeing the light of day.

Peter Wissinger, the director for Microsoft's mobile business group in Scandinavia, revealed in a statement (translated): “Now it’s up to our manufacturing partners to release Mango to our customers. Microsoft has delivered complete Mango earlier than planned to the manufacturers. Feels good now.

“It’s good to see a re-invigorated Microsoft who not only meet their ship targets but exceeds then, a far cry from the slow pace we were used to in the Windows Mobile days.”

We'll assume the clunky wording is the result of the translation rather than Wissinger's own turn of phrase, but he must really be confident about Mango's prospects to even mention the words “Windows Mobile” in public.

Of course, that doesn't mean we'll be seeing Mango handsets touching down sooner than expected, or indeed that manufacturers have been given the green light to release Mango phones as soon as they're ready rather than in a single batch as was the case with the original Windows Phone 7 launch. We'll just have to keep watching this space.

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