Microsoft and Nokia invest €18 million in app development program

Microsoft and Nokia invest €18 million in app development programMicrosoft and Nokia, alongside Finland’s Aalto University, have issued a meaty press release, detailing a little something called the AppCampus program.

The AppCampus program hopes to attract applications from students and entrepreneurs across the globe, with a view to creating “a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups”.

Of course, those students and entrepreneurs will primarily be working on apps for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, which Nokia has backed as its “primary smartphone platform”.

In addition, Nokia’s Symbian and Series 40 are expected to get some loving. Call us crazy, but we don’t reckon there’s much future in creating apps for Symbian. AppCampus kicks off in May 2012 and is expected to last three years, by which point Symbian will have one year to live. Fantastic.

The two giants, Microsoft and Nokia, will invest up to €9 million Euros each. Successful candidates will receive support, training and funding, along with the use of Aalto University’s facilities.

Interested? For more information and oodles of quotes and that, head over the AppCampus site.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 26, 2012 at 16:52

Call us crazy
Consider it done ;)
400 million + handsets... not to mention that Series 40 and Symbian run java apps that are useful on other handsets, too.

Those handsets are not gonna disappear overnight; and the owners crave apps more than Android- and iPhone owners who, by now, need a shovel to fnd out of the appstore...
A top Symbian Twitter client sells massively at €10. Try making that in the PlayStore (Why is Heffner not suing Google, by the way? :p )...

Call me crazy now...


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