Microsoft Office iPad app tipped for November 10 launch

Microsoft Office iPad app tipped for November 10 launchConsidering how The Daily was billed as the saviour of the publishing industry, and the best thing since wossname, full of interesting scoops and all that, we haven't heard a whole lot of Murdoch's iPad plaything since its launch last year.

But here's something, and it's nothing other than a supposed scoop on the mobile industry. Well, of sorts. The Newscorp publication has been spilling the beans on a Microsoft Office app for the iPad, which it says will launch on November 10.

As we say, it's hardly a huge scoop, but The Daily has nonetheless been milking it for all its worth. Following initial reports last week, the story has continued rumbling along since, and now it seems The Daily's investigative efforts have managed to prise loose an official launch date.

“Microsoft will launch Office for iPad on November 10, The Daily has learned,” we're told. “This follows reports earlier this month that a late fall release was likely… We’ve learned that the development team within Office Mobile finished its work on the project last month, and the efforts of the design group wrapped soon after.

“The app is now in the hands of a usability team that appraises software that utilises the Metro design language for 'Metro compliance' and suggests changes as needed. When approved by the team, the app likely will go to Apple for app store approval, which could take a couple of weeks.”

So, two and a half years for Office to hit the iPad? To me, that one little fact that tells its own story about how big a deal this really is – no matter what The Daily claims.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 1, 2012 at 21:02

Hello bugs and backdoors :p


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