Microsoft Office for iPad confirmed, but don’t hold your breath

Microsoft Office for iPad confirmed, but don’t hold your breathIt’s incredible to think that the iPad is now three-and-a-half years old, and still there’s no Microsoft Office app. All those millions of potential customers, but… nope, no dice.

Microsoft Office for the iPad has again been confirmed, but it sounds like it might still be some way off.

The Verge credits Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer when it writes: “iPad will be picked up when... there's a touch first user interface." That seemingly means when there’s a touch version of Office for Windows; the iPad version will follow sometime thereafter.

There’s no ETA for either of those, though Ballmer did add that the “touch first interface” was “in progress”.

It was June this year that Microsoft launched its catchily titled Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers for iPhone users, technically free to download, though effectively, er, not free.

With that, iPhone peeps can view, edit and create Microsoft Word and Excel documents, while PowerPoints can be viewed and edited (not created).

Presumably the iPad version of Microsoft Office will follow suit, with a subscription to Office 365 being a prerequisite.

We’re not entirely sure what Microsoft’s problem is, as clearly shipping with Microsoft Office didn’t do Microsoft Surface sales any good. At this rate, Stephen Elop will be in charge by the time iPad Office touches down.

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TJ Skywasher  Oct. 9, 2013 at 17:35

Microsoft late again! To be honest I wish they'd stop milking the Office cow and move on to something else. Does anyone really need Office nowadays with so many alternatives available, both paid and free? I'm pretty sure most people don't need all the features Office brings and I don't see why MS markets any product that comes with Office as an incentive. Back in the day sure, but things have changed in recent years. By the time MS bring this to the iPad will anyone really care, I suspect it will carry a decent price as well seeing as it's Office.


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