Microsoft outs WinPho 7 update, but it's not what you think

Microsoft outs WinPho 7 update, but it's not what you think

The good news: Microsoft has successfully sent the first Windows Phone 7 update out over the air and WinPho users will no doubt be getting a pop-up on their phones informing them of the update's arrival as we write this.

The bad news: it's not the update we've all been expecting, and in fact delivers no noticeable new features at all, and certainly not any kind of copy-and-paste action.

All you get, in fact, is an update that paves the way for future updates.

“This first update for Windows Phone is designed to improve the software update process itself,” Michael Stroh writes on the Windows Phone Blog, which also has instructions for how to install the update.

“So while it might not sound exciting, it’s still important because it’s paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search.”

True though that may be, it'll nonetheless be a disappointment for all those Windows Phone adopters patiently waiting for some serious update action. Let's not forget, just a few months ago some among the WinPho faithful were talking up the first update as being virtually a whole new operating system. The reality, it's safe to say, is far from it.

Still, the promised copy and paste update is still on its way, even if it is set to arrive only in early to mid-March, a month later than most of us expected.

And the major Mango update set for later in the year is already looming large on our mobile radars, what with the promise of full IE9 support and a bunch of other digital goodies.

For now, we'll have to do with the update to the update process. Small steps you're taking there, Microsoft...

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Andy247  Feb. 22, 2011 at 12:30

I got a Samsung Omnia 7 on launch day and finally gave up on it 2 weeks ago to go back to an Android handset. It's a great phone let down by a woefully outdated and fairly bland operating system.

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 22, 2011 at 17:02

Agree, Andy247 - I got a HD7 on launch day...2 most boring and gobsmacked days ever. I don't know what exactly it says about humanity, but the fact that MS weren't utterly ridiculed for that nonsense is beyond me. Bad enough that we all became firmware testers for buggy releases, but now they don't even bother with finishing OS's ...


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