Microsoft planning 1080p and quad-core support in end-of-year WP8 GDR3 update

Microsoft planning 1080p and quad-core support in end-of-year WP8 GDR3 updateMicrosoft is working hard to address one of Windows Phone 8's biggest shortcomings: its lack of support for full HD 1080p displays.

According to The Verge, support for 1080p resolutions will be included in an update pushed out later this year, just in time – hopefully – for the big festive season spending spree.

The Verge's “sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans” say the update in question will be the third General Distribution Release (GDR), the first being the “Portico” update that emerged in December and the second the one associated with the rumoured HTC Tiara mid-ranger, and not the previously rumoured HTC Zenith, which has apparently been cancelled because of the lack of support for 1080p in GDR2.

None of the GDRs will be an actual model number evolution, which means the so-called “Blue” update is still poised to be the point WP8 evolves to be called WP8.1 (or higher).

In addition to cracking through the current 720p ceiling, the unnamed source claims GDR3 will bring support for quad-core Snapdragon CPUs – a virtual no-brainer considering the higher processing demands of full HD displays.

Assuming the timeframe is correct, that means it'll probably only be year-end before we see Windows Phone 8 enter big-screen “phablet” territory, where 1080p is the only way to go. Still, that probably won't stop the rumours coming before then.

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