Microsoft readying Office apps for the iPad?

Microsoft readying Office apps for the iPad?We remember when the iPad first touched down nearly two years ago now how our incessant need to categorise everything saw the Apple tablet as a device purely designed for media consumption as opposed to creation – which to some people of course confirmed it as the work of the devil.

Interesting to hear news today, then, claiming that Microsoft is lining up its oh-so-productivity-based Office suite for release on the Apple slate next year, an acknowledgement of just how business-friendly the iPad has now become.

Let's face it – there's simply no way of massaging the stats to paint the iPad as anything other than a staggering success. But perhaps its most startling achievement is how rapidly it's gained a foothold at the likes of Fortune 500 companies over in the US, where it's quickly established itself as pretty much the only tablet under consideration for serious corporate deployment.

You'd have to blame Microsoft for that, after it sidestepped any kind of serious touchscreen integration in Windows 7, choosing instead to put all its touch-tastic efforts into Windows 8, which of course we're still at least six months away from seeing.

In the meantime the iPad 2 is making merry in the business sphere, to the extent that Microsoft is now apparently working on iPad-friendly versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to go head-to-head with Apple's own iWork titles.

That's what iPad-only newspaper The Daily is claiming anyway, revealing that Microsoft is aiming at pricing iPad apps of its key Office titles at around the same $10 mark Apple charges for Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

The software will integrate with the likes of Office 365 and Windows Phone's Office Hub, while The Daily also claims Microsoft is hard at work on a Mac OS X Lion-compatible version of Office, along with the final Office 2012 release (currently in beta).

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samdsouza96  Dec. 27, 2011 at 06:43

Logical move forward. Move services and data to the web where people are managing and sharing it.

But there are several web tools that are carving a niche for themselves and are easier than Excel for many tasks. is one such tool that I've been looking forward to.


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