Microsoft slashing Surface's price by $150 to boost demand

Microsoft slashing Surface's price by 0 to boost demandMicrosoft has been having a busy week, with boss Steve Ballmer outlining a rejigged company strategy that should see an increased focus on hardware devices going forward.

We'll find out more about that in due course no doubt, but in the meantime Microsoft is kicking things off by knocking a big chunk off the Surface tablet's asking price.

Engadget has revealed – after being tipped off by a Staples insider – that the entire Surface range will be getting a $150 price cut as of next week.

That means the Surface RT will cost $349/$449 depending on whether you're after the 32GB or 64GB version, while the more premium Surface Pro will go for $449/$549.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the price cuts, but it would certainly help clear some inventory if the company is indeed planning to step up its hardware efforts in the future.

There's no indication yet that the US savings will be mirrored internationally, but a tidy £100 off the Surface's asking price certainly wouldn't go amiss in boosting the tablet's sales numbers.

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satchef1  Jul. 12, 2013 at 18:05

Under £300 for a Surface Pro (plus any applicable sales taxes) is insane value. If only I knew someone travelling Stateside any time soon...


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