Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE model coming, but only next year

Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE model coming, but only next yearMicrosoft announced a fair few versions of its second-generation Surface tablets yesterday, but what we didn't get was a 4G LTE-equipped model aimed at high-speed data addicts.

Well the good news is that Microsoft has confirmed it's on the way, but the bad news is that it'll only be landing in the New Year.

So says Microsoft corporate VP and Surface chief Panos Panay, who revealed as much in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session after yesterday's Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 announcements.

“We didn't talk about it today,” Panos told reporters, “but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year.”

That doesn't give much away, and Panay didn't elaborate on the reasons behind for the delay either. According to ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley, Microsoft is reportedly considering a Surface/Windows Phone bundle aimed at markets where the Wi-Fi infrastructure is underdeveloped.

Whether's that's part of what's holding Microsoft back remains to be seen, but for the immediate future, it seems that just like with the current Surface RT and Surface Pro, it'll be Wi-Fi or nothing.

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