Microsoft Surface mini confirmed in Surface Pro 3 manual

Microsoft Surface mini confirmed in Surface Pro 3 manualThe Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (left) launched last month to a fairly positive reception, hailed by some – including Microsoft – as the first tablet that truly threatens to render your laptop unnecessary.

Despite being teased with the mention of a “small gathering”, the Microsoft Surface mini failed to show face alongside the big guy, though – oddly – the former is actually mentioned several times in the instruction manual for the latter. Zuh?

The spot was made by avid Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott, who’s notorious for having dissed Windows Phone 7, and having revealed that the first wave of WinPho devices wouldn’t be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Paul tweeted yesterday: “There are Surface Mini references all over the Surface Pro 3 User Guide. Hilarious.”

One section reads: "You'll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup."

There are several conflicting theories about the Surface mini’s fate, with some suggesting that it’s simply waiting for the “touch first” version of Microsoft Office to land, while others propose that it’s been canned altogether.

One thing’s for sure: it seems like the Microsoft Surface mini was very close to being released, and that it was almost certainly manufactured in some capacity. But whether or not it materialises in the coming weeks or months is anyone’s guess.

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