Microsoft tables Surface Mini launch event for 20 May

Microsoft tables Surface Mini launch event for 20 MayMicrosoft has sent out invitations for a Microsoft Surface event in New York on 20 May – two weeks from today – teasing us with the simple yet suggestive message “join us for a small gathering”.

That surely means we're finally going to get to see the long-rumoured Microsoft Surface Mini, and to be fair to Microsoft pretty much exactly when we were told it was coming late last year.

The latest Surface Mini rumours point to a 7.5in, 1440 x 1080-resolution display (that's an entertainment-unfriendly 4:3 aspect ratio), as well as a Qualcomm processor and Windows 8.1 RT on the OS side of things.

So well done to Microsoft for seemingly getting work on the Surface Mini finished to schedule, but that still means it's taken Microsoft the best part of two years to finally deliver its cut-size slab since first announcing it was on the cards back in 2012.

In fact, detractors will point to the entire Surface Mini story as being the perfect illustration of how Microsoft still doesn't “get” mobile.

Microsoft announced the full-sized Surface tablet when it first unveiled Windows 8 itself two years ago, but its arrival came just as the smaller form factor tablet was taking off.

The roadmap for both the Surface and Windows RT, however, had already been nailed down as a set finishing point because that was how Microsoft had worked towards Windows desktop software releases in the past.

It left Microsoft unable to change direction on its feet as the market was evolving, and so RT arrived without support for smaller displays – a scenario that's taken the best part of two years to fix.

Changing the culture at a company the size of Microsoft is no easy thing to do, and with new leadership at the helm and having absorbed Nokia into its business, the signs are promising. We'll see where things really stand a couple of weeks from now, and on into the summer as the new-look Microsoft continues to take shape.

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Just buy a Lumia 1320 :D

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